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Open agenda for Europe, USA and AUS from October.
Open agenda for Europe, USA and AUS from October.
Bones, together with the elements of nature, are the building blocks of human spirituality.

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The first rituals ever enacted were born around the dead. Bones are Sacred, Bones are Magical...

No one can deny man's fascination with bones. They are one of the oldest collectible items. They are also possibly one of the earliest magical implements. The belief that bones contain the strength or energy of the animal or person they belonged to, has survived throughout history.

Bones are not something out of the ordinary, yet there are still people who fear them. Your bones, my bones, our bones, are much more than the simple structure that holds us. The Genesis of Humanity is perhaps one of the most interesting stories that bones tell because it is not only our history but also our history as a species. To fear bones is to fear ourselves, to despise them is to despise ourselves because they are our teachers, they show us who we are at the core of our being, such is the beauty and gift of our bones.

Bones leave a trail that we can follow, it is up to us to find and walk the Path of Bones to the entrails of our own history.


Join me in this very special healing journey. Completely Online, during the next 8 weeks. We are going to explore our very Blood and Bones, working closely with our ancestors. This is an offering of Love and also an opportunity to find healing. I'm offering this journey in 2 ways:- Individually. For those who wish to share with me Privately in 1-2-1 Sessions. - Joining a common Group, where we will meet via Zoom together and share the practices and work. Either way is perfect, either way is healing. Open this gate of healing and connection with your ancestors and work with them in a what you haven't done before. The ways of the Path of the Bones are powerful! Book your slot now, to start this week! More information via nessbosch@gmail.comOr or via the Contact Form on this site. 

Ancestral healing should be a must-do subject for anyone into personal growth and healing. We can bring healing and Peace to our blood, and to our ancestors. This healing will be carried by those who have or will have a drop of their blood and genetic charge, our children and grandchildren...

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